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Black Shirt Brewing Co

About us

Society often dictates that humans follow a defined path of norms. Some might say this is the road most traveled, made of bricks that have been compacted with the footsteps of mindless cooperation. We adopt another view: Go against the grain, find your own path, and when you need inspiration, always look to the ones in black. They’re the rule breakers, the non-conformists, and the counterculture. Black Shirt isn't just our name - it's our philosophy against convention and homogenization. It's who we are and what we strive to be - the ones that challenge the "norms" of the craft beer industry.

Want to learn more about our history? Black Shirt Brewing Co. is featured in Crafting A Nation, a documentary that focuses on the state of the local and national craft beer scene. The film highlights the struggles and successes inherent to running a brewery, with interviews from big-time industry players as well as up-and-comers, all uniting together to drive an industry that cares about shaping and supporting the communities they serve. Black Shirt Brewing Co. is honored to have been selected as the centerpiece for this film, and we welcomed the opportunity to provide a behind-the-scenes look at our brewery's transformation from the ground up. Available in the iTunes store and on Amazon Video, Crafting A Nation is a must-see for anyone interested in the art of craft beer and its ability to amaze, delight and transcend what's on tap.

Located in the heart of the RiNo Art District just north of downtown Denver, Black Shirt Brewing Co. strives to offer an experience that strikes a harmonious balance between music, crave-worthy pizza, delicious craft beer and an exemplary guest experience. Our urban Beer Garden features a hand-built, one-of-a-kind pallet stage that brings in acts from Colorado and beyond. And we're mere steps away from the RTD A Line's 38th & Blake Street station (the "Train to the Plane"), making it easy to swing by the taproom on your way to and/or from the airport.

jimmy dodson owners

Jimmy Dodson

karen odson owners

Karen Dodson

Black Shirt Brewing Co. was founded in 1999 and opened to the public in 2012. Karen and Jimmy Dodson bought the brewery in late December, 2021. Karen and Jimmy have been home brewers for years and dreamed of owning and running a brewery. They had a plan to do this in 2011 in Evergreen, CO but they relocated with work and the dream was delayed, until they came to Black Shirt and met the team, tasted the beer and pizza and feel in love with the vibe and RINO. As the old adage goes, "good things take time." They are excited to join the Black Shirt team as since the opening, Black Shirt has collected many awards and accolades for the quality of their beer, ambiance and customer service (you can check those out here). Jimmy and Karen are excited to share their passion for great beer, great food, great friends, great music and great hospitality with old and new customers alike. The history of Black Shirt and the meaning behind the name make this a really special place to share and enjoy with the RINO and greater Denver communities.


We here at Black Shirt are proud to participate in agricultural sustainability by donating our spent grains to local farms. These spent grains are given to the animals who in turn provide eggs, wool, milk and meat in addition to eliminating excess waste.

In addition to working with local farms, we use our spent grain in our pizza dough, and utilize our beer in several recipes, including dressings, sauces, and our homemade sausage.


Within the boundaries of the RiNo neighborhood, just North of downtown Denver, is a community of people that knows the importance of giving back. This group of creative businesses ranges from architects, art galleries, sculptors and designers, breweries, cideries, wineries, furniture makers, and beyond. This eclectic group of creatives are invested in the improvement and sustainability of this little gem.

Come visit and see what makes this neighborhood so great!